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What is the "Test Wizard"?

The "ZieglerSoft Test Wizard" is to be used when you need to test a program made with a demoversion of a ZieglerSoft tool (e.g. "ZieglerCollection one").
If you own the full version of the tool you are going to test, then you don´t need the "ZieglerSoft Test Wizard". It is only to be used with demoversions of our tools.
If you have a demoversion of a ZieglerSoft tool, you know that you can´t run programs made with it, on computers where you don´t have Delphi or C++ Builder running - that is up to now: With the "ZieglerSoft Test Wizard" you can test any program, made with a ZieglerSoft tool (demoversion), on any computer, even if that computer don´t have Delphi or C-Builder installed at all.
The "ZieglerSoft Test Wizard" is only to be used for testing.

If you want to sell, give away or in any other way use the ZieglerSoft tool you are testing, you need to buy the full version of that tool.

You can´t give the "ZieglerSoft Test Wizard" away to any one else, to run your program, build with a demoversion of a ZieglerSoft tool.
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How to install

To install the "ZieglerSoft Test Wizard", you just need to follow theese steps:

Download the "ZieglerSoft Test Wizard"
Run the downloaded program (ZTWIZARD.EXE)
Tell the Un-Zipper where you want the program
Run the program (ZTW.EXE)
And remember: You can only use the "ZieglerSoft Test Wizard" for testing your programs.

All rights to "ZieglerSoft Test Wizard" are reserved by ZieglerSoft.
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